Welding Helmets & Grinding Helmets

The high-quality welding helmets offer comprehensive protection for all welding, cutting and grinding work. They reliably protect the eyes and face from harmful flashes, heat, sparks and high-speed particles. Depending on the version, the combination helmets have 2 or 4 high-performance sensors and different modes for welding, plasma cutting and grinding work. For excellent colour reproduction during welding, most models are equipped with a Real Colour filter cartridge, are fully automatic and achieve optical class 1/1/1/1, ensuring maximum protection, optimum visibility and first-class work results. Additional settings for darkening levels, reaction time or sensitivity enable a wide range of applications, perfectly tailored to the working conditions on site. The particularly lightweight construction of the welding helmets and the ergonomically shaped head pads provide comfortable wearing even during long periods of use. Due to the flexible fit, the welding and grinding helmets are individually adjustable, can be worn in combination with a respirator mask and are also ideally suited for wearers of glasses. The robust welding helmets are supplied with a 7-year guarantee as well as a 2-year guarantee on the filter cassettes and headgear.

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